World Class Treatment of Neuro and Spine Diseases in Pakistan by Prof. Dr. Asif Bashir

Advantages of Spinal Cord Stimulation
September 3, 2018

World Class Treatment of Neuro and Spine Diseases in Pakistan by Prof. Dr. Asif Bashir

There are more than 650 diseases of nervous system such as brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and stroke as well as very rare such as frontotemporal dementia.

Dr. Asif Bashir is the US trained Neurosurgeon and is one of the best spine & neurosurgeons in Pakistan today. He is providing services in Lahore but people from abroad are also visiting him nowadays because he recently introduced Minimally Invasive Keyhole MicroEndoscopic Spine Surgery for the first time in Pakistan. Patients are being sent home walking 2-3 hours after surgery just like it’s done in US.

He is known for his world class, innovative, modern and exclusive treatment. As brain and spinal problems are too much complicated and complex, it is very hard to diagnose them and ultimately to treat them, but Dr. Asif Bashir is offering his services in most advanced, revealing and innovatory way. You can consult him regarding all spine and neuro diseases.

We endeavour to bring our patients the most advanced and revealing services with affordable charges. Dr. Asif Bashir believes to bring great research, experience, modern technologies and techniques to formulate best treatment for its patients to give them positive end results with great certainty. It is shown by his successful track record.

Medical Tourism:

This is a term refers to moving to different country other than your own for best medical treatments and health services. People usually move to other nations to gain best treatments offered in that particular country. In the past, people from developing nations used to move to doctors in the most developed nations for best health services but medical tourism has become very common nowadays. Pakistan is a developing nation but still people from developed countries are coming here for treatments & best medical services. Here, Dr. Asif Bashir is the best example who is involved in medical tourism and people from many nations are visiting him such as from USA, UAE, UK & Afghanistan to gain latest technological treatments.

Medical tourism is usually for surgeries cosmetic or otherwise, and patients travel to countries where their problems could be better understood. Dr. Asif Bashir is a famous Neurosurgeon for his world class services and is committed to understanding his patients in a very sophisticated way.

Treatments: Neuro and Spine treatments:

To Diagnose:

If you want your Neuro or Spine disease to be diagnosed, you must go through the following tests in your body:

  • CT (Computerised tomography)
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
  • PET (Positron Emission tomography)
  • EEG (Electroencephalogram) and the spinal tap (laboratory tests)
  • And Biopsy (tissue taken from tumor to test the type and stage of tumor)


  • Brain mapping:

Brain is the most complex organ of human body, it is not easily understandable and each small function is regulated by brain. So, for many years doctors had a rough sketch of brain and this when combine with veritable complexity of nerves brought a challenge for doctors & surgeons to meet.

Well, after a deep research and development in this field, doctors came to know advanced technology that is brain mapping. Through this technique, a tumor can be easily removed from brain.

Treatment procedure:

During brain mapping treatment, patient is not completely in anaesthetic condition in order to help doctors and their team to identify route of tumor in brain and functional area that is in danger. Surgeons in this treatment stimulate different function like nose or nasal cavity cause patient to feel any irritation or pain in nose throat etc. Once infected area eloquent cortex has been determined, patient is again put back into anaesthetic condition and doctor starts surgical treatment of tumor and completes it. Brain mapping technique is also used for epilepsy. If you want more information regarding this, contact Dr. Asif Bashir now.

  • DBS:

Deep brain stimulation, this is a treatment used to cure Parkinson’s disease. This is for patients who suffer from dystonia, that is actually muscles contraction that put your body into painful movements, postures and different abnormalities. This is also used for patients who suffer from extreme depression and fear.

Dr. Asif Bashir is a famous person for DBS procedure. Contact his office for more details.

Treatment procedure:

During this treatment, a very small thin wire is inserted inside the brain in the area that regulate body movements. Patient stays awake to assist doctor to identify the problem. Wire moves up to the hole in skull and under scalp then moves down towards small device under collarbone. That area is given anaesthesia and patients are occasionally sedated. They don’t feel any pain. On the other hand, children are given a complete anaesthesia for this treatment. Dr. Asif Bashir is the best Neurosurgeon for this case. He is offering world class treatment of neuro and spine diseases not only nationwide but also worldwide.

  • Spinal Cord Tumor:

Early diagnose of tumor in spinal cord is very essential for curing it in the early stage. There are a few symptoms:

  • Severe Back pain
  • Usually cold sensation felt in the legs, feet or hands
  • You are feeling no sensation in legs
  • Loss of intestinal control
  • Muscles contraction
  • Feeling difficulty in walking
  • Feeling Weakness in bones and muscles


Treatment procedure:

Most of spinal cord cancers are metastatic or secondary type that leads to many other cancers like lungs, breast, liver, head and neck etc. Early stage cancer and for malignant cancer surgery is usually recommended for curing it. In case of metastatic tumors with compression in spinal cord, a few surgeons go for surgery to get patient off from pain and pressure. They usually reconstruct or restablise the spine of patient. If you are a patient of spine then contact Dr. Asif Bashir to get valuable advice.


It is a collection of abnormal cells in man brain, as your skull is very rigid that encloses your brain and growth inside the brain can cause great problems, but don’t worry, some brain tumors are cancerous or may be non-cancerous i.e. benign. If you are looking for an advice in this regard, make an appointment with Dr. Asif Bashir today.

Types of brain tumors:

  • Primary brain tumors
  • Gliomas
  • Pituitary tumors, which is mostly benign
  • Pineal gland tumors, which may be benign or malignant
  • Ependymomas, which is also usually benign
  • Craniopharyngiomas, which occur mostly in children
  • CNS primary central nervous system lymphomas (malignant)
  • Meningiomas
  • Schwannomas

Secondary brain tumors:

These are malignant that are cancerous and serious.

  • Lung cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Skin cancer

While Benign tumors don not usually spread from one part of your body to another.


You may also experience:

  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Blurred vision or double vision
  • Weakness of a limb or part of the face
  • Memory loss
  • A change in mental functioning
  • Difficulty writing or reading
  • Decreased alertness, which may include drowsiness and loss of consciousness
  • Confusion
  • Changes in the ability to hear, taste, or smell
  • Clumsiness
  • Loss of balance
  • Trouble speaking or understanding what others are saying
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Dizziness or tiredness
  • Eye problems, such as drooping eyelids and unequal pupils
  • Uncontrollable movements
  • Loss of bladder or intestinal control
  • Numbness or tingling on one side of the body
  • Changes in mood, emotions, and behaviour
  • Change in personality
  • Difficulty in walking
  • Muscle weakness



If Dr. Asif Bashir suspected that the person has a brain Tumour, he may recommend you go through a few tests in order to reach confirm decision:

  • A neurological Exam
  • Imaging tests (MRI)
  • CT
  • PET
  • Biopsy

Then, from these tests, he will identify tumor, it’s size and the type and then will suggest different type of treatments:

  • Minimal invasive brain surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Radio surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Drugs Therapy
  • Rehabilitation treatment like Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy

MicroEndoscopy: This is a type of endoscopy that uses optical fibres or fibre bundles in conjunction with microscopy techniques to create microscopic images of tissue that are closely next to the imaging end of the endoscope inserted into the body. This technology can provide you with immediate diagnosis that is virtually consistent with a microscopic anatomy enabling for example to ascertain the boundaries between malignant and benign tissues in body parts to identify disease and its nature with certainty.

In the past times, there were no such technology in Pakistan and people from here used to go abroad for MicroEndoscopic treatment but now you can get the same level of treatment right here in Pakistan and Dr. Asif Bashir is one of the experts in MicroEndoscopic technology. He can remove tumor with this advance technology that will give good results.

You may contact Dr. Asif Bashir office for more information.

Disc bulging:

It is also known as disc protrusion. A bulging disc is malfunctional condition of spine arise when the inner nucleus of a vertebral disc sticks out or extend to its outer layer. A disc bulge condition happens due to many reasons. It can happen because of a great amount of pressure being placed by person on his disc, or if the disc has degenerated from age and many other factors. If in case a bulge has occurred, it does not always mean that there will be any bulging disc symptoms; it is only occurring when your spinal disc comes in direct contact with surrounding tissues or nerves then it will start causing different problems.

As it is most common occurrence. Bulging discs form usually by natural degeneration of your spine so sometimes it can be healed naturally but, in a few cases, very advance disc bulging may require medical assistance. After diagnosing problem, your doctor will tell you the condition and it’s appropriate treatment. This is usually a sign of problem in all areas surrounding to your spine like neck or back.

A bulging disc in the back or neck can be one of the underlying causes of:

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Pinched Nerves


  • Complete rest
  • Heat therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Ice therapy
  • Exercise
  • Medicines
  • Healthy food especially eats anti-inflammatory diet
  • Alternative and complimentary treatment may be suggested

Spinal Cord Injury:

This can cause damage to your spine or any part of spinal cord or nerves near to spinal cord that may cause it to dysfunctional permanently or temporarily.

Symptoms that you may feel include:

  • Loss of sensation, including the ability to feel heat, cold and touch
  • Change in strength
  • Loss of muscular function.
  • Loss of intestinal or bladder control
  • Overstressed reflex activities
  • Changes in sexual function, sexual sensitivity and fertility
  • Pain or an intense stinging sensation caused by damage to the nerve fibres in your spinal cord
  • Difficulty in breathing,
  • Difficulty in coughing
  • It’s hard to clear secretions from your lungs

If you are suffering with spinal injury, it will affect your life emotionally, mentally and socially.

The severity of the injury is often called “the completeness” and is categorised as following:

  • If all your sensory feelings and all abilities of your body to control movement are lost below the spinal cord injury, it means your injury is called complete.
  • But If you have some abilities of your body to control movement are lost or some abnormalities are in sensory function below the affected area, your injury is called incomplete.

Dr. Asif Bashir will advise you best possible treatment accordingly.


In order, to confirm your spinal cord injury, doctor will suggest you go through following tests:

  • X rays
  • CT (Computerised tomography)
  • MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
  • PET (Positron Emission tomography)
  • EEG (Electroencephalogram) and the spinal tap (laboratory tests)

Unfortunately, there is no way to reverse damage to the spinal cord. But our doctors and researchers are consistently working on new treatments. Dr. Asif Bashir is treating this problem excellently. He may suggest you some treatments like prostheses and medications that may promote nerve cell regeneration and these medicines will improve the function of your nerves that were damaged after the spinal cord injury.

In the meantime, during spinal cord injury treatment Dr. Asif Bashir will focus on preventing further injury and he will try strengthen people with a spinal cord injury to return to an active and productive life.

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